“Hopelessness closes your eyes to see opportunities.”

For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down — If the body of a tree be cut down, and only the stem or stump be left in the ground, yet there is hope; that it will sprout again. (Job 14:9)

— Apostle Stephen P. Atolani

Our Mandate

It’s time to set the world free from all negativities of life and struggling, which Satan has planted in man, and i am sending you to bring my people back to their First Estate (which is Eden) through the word of faith in the cross of Christ.

“I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices
that have cost me nothing.”

— 2 Samuel 24:24

You can then upload video moments, that are very similar to Instagram posts and TikTok…

But if you’re going to let your baby use it (or have discovered they’re already…


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