Evangelism means spreading of Christian gospel. Gospel simply means the good news of Jesus Christ. The news about Jesus, His words, works, and teaching. For one to be save, you need to accept Jesus as your lord, and if you are not save you cannot be safe. Jesus is the way, truth and light. As a Christian, you may ask what the benefits of evangelism are.

Benefits of evangelism

  1. Evangelism helps keep the gospel center in our lives and church: The gospel of the good news of Jesus. Colossians 1: 4-6. This scripture makes us know that without knowing or understanding Jesus how can we have faith in Christ Jesus. Understanding Jesus makes us stand strong, having faith in Jesus knowing there is nothing he cannot do. We cannot evangelize without having deep knowledge about Jesus.
  2. The power of our growth lies in Evangelism: 1 Corinthians 15: 1-3 In the quest of evangelism, we get to study the bible more thereby making us grow spiritually
  3. It keep the good news alive: Psalm 68: 19 Sharing the good news make more people have knowledge about Jesus and Christianity thereby making the good news continually spreading and alive

Evangelism deepen our understanding on the most fundamental truth of the scripture. The truth is Jesus Christ. How well and deep you know Jesus determine the power of Jesus one is able to use, utilize and yield. Understanding Jesus Christ distinguish you from other people. You need to grow in the knowledge of Jesus by studying the scripture. Knowing something and explaining to an ignorant person are two different things, since evangelism has to do with preaching about Jesus to someone who has little to no knowledge about Jesus, one must thereby deepen the knowledge of Jesus in order to have no hindrance in preaching the Gospel.

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