Thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks, acknowledgement of benefits or favors, an expression of thanks to God.
Thanksgiving is the only food God eats from his righteous and living children. Offering thanksgiving to God is a mark of honor, it means you are referencing him and respecting him. Thanksgiving glorifies God.
Thanksgiving to God must be done every time, during the good and bad times. Anytime you take God for granted, you will be grinded.
There are some people that took God for granted
1. The rich farmer: Luke 12: 19-22. Anyone who jokes with thanksgiving could die early.
2. Cain: Genesis 4: 1-7
Ways in which Christians joke with thanksgiving:
1. When you do not see a reason to give thanks to God.
2. Anytime you feel too big to work for God.
3. When you see your achievement as things done within your power and not by God.
4. Anytime you feel indifferent or unbothered in God, or to sing, dance and clap in the presence of God.

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