If you are a child of God and you are not empowered for demonstration, it means you are powerless. A powerless Christian lacks future. God has provision for powers, when you are powerless; you are being reproach physically and spiritually.

Bible text: John 7:37-39

Without power, destiny cannot be fulfilled. God empowers people that crave for power because it is not an instant gift.

The reason you lack power is because you are not desperate enough to fast and pray. It takes more than faith to be empowered. Empowerment of the spirit answer greatly to fasting and prayers, no wonder Jesus fasted for 40 days.

Bible text: Matthew 17:21

Failure to be responsible makes one irresponsible. To change level you need power. You need to be thirsty to seek empowerment. You need power to resist the enemy
Bible text: Isiah 41: 17-18, Isiah 44: 3-4

When you get empower, your challenges would bow down for you. Prayer and fasting are non-negotiable for empowerment and re empowerment.

Prayer point: The power that disgrace Goliath, disgrace my battles.

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