For you to live in abundance, you need to be financially capable. Wherever there is poverty, there is stagnation, bitterness, depression and lots of bad things.
Abundant simply means surplus or plenty. It is living in surplus of what you need, it also mean living above scarcity. There are two types of abudance, there is the common one and the superior and quality one. God blessings are superior and quality abundance because they cannot be found anywhere.
Keys are material that are use to open a lock. God always put good things under lock and key so that only his children can access it. Blessings operate on keys.
Bible text: Matthew 16:19
Job 36: 11
There are two keys to abundance
1. Obedience: This simply means compliance with an order, request or submission to another authority. Obedience to God means to hear, trust, submit and surrender to God and his word. God rewards obedience . God blesses those that obeys him.
2. Serve : Service means carrying out duties, being useful for a particular task. There are two ways to service God which is serving God with your heart and your substance. Service to God should not be done for recognition or praise but it must be done with your heart so that you can enjoy the benefit of God. Always pay your tithes and offering so God can be rewarding you continuously.
Obedience and service can rewrite your destiny. Do not serve God with common sense or you will reap commonly.

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