1. Do not allow negative thought: Never allow your mind be use as a sidewalk way for evil thought. Every thought is like a seed, an evil thought would grow to be bad for the mind. Most evil thought come from satan and from our sinful heart and minds. Bible text: Matthew 13:4
2. Stop thinking that you cannot control your mind (Terrorist thought): Do not let your thought overcome and control you. Philippians 4:8.
3. What you fill your mind with becomes your mindset: Your mindset is a set of belief that shapes the way you think, it controls the way you think. Mindset is what controls you, your mind is what you control.
4. Confess what you believe, not what you feel.
5. Resist negative thought and embrace positive thoughts: Joel 3:10 Even in dire situation, do not think of the worst situation. Negative thought is the fear of what is about to happen, this may cause negative impacts to one destiny and positive impacts can upgrade ones destiny.
6. Celebrate the process: Even when your good result has not surface, be expectant and believe it will get to you.
7. Arrival of good reports.


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