If you need mercy, you have to have mercy then sure mercy would be drawn from it.
Job 20:5 Material joy cannot last. When you see a wicked man rejoicing, he is advertising his soon to be downfall.

A hypocrite is someone that is not stable in his way, A man who is not stable is a man that knows the truth but choose to lie. A man that knows the truth that choose to lie is a man who haws evil imprinted in his mind. Someone that has evil imprinted in his mind is someone who refuse to acknowledge Jesus, his works and words.

Once the mercy of God is not in place then sure mercy is far away from such a person and sure mercy result in Joy. If you are not of Jesus, you are far away from happiness because such a person would suffer on earth and a lot more in heaven. One is able to survive on earth among calamity and tribulation through Jesus salvation but you have to accept Jesus and meet his conditions

Bible verse: Psalm 37: 35- 38. Peace represent Joy.

1. Be safe- For one to be safe, you have to be born again. When you are born again you become spiritually minded thereby making one see well. To be safe means to see.
2. Stay in the salvation of the lord.
3. Sing spiritual song to yourself.
4. Stay with the spiritual father. Psalm 37:39
5. Ask in prayer

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