Text: Proverb 14:25
Truth is an original standard often mean an accord with fact or reality.
The true witness speaks the truth and the truth saves life while the deceitful witness speaks lies and lies cost life. What is coming out of you as a child of God? Is it generating life or reducing life? Because it depends on how well you rejoice. Apart from praying, reading the bible, preaching the gospel, do you speak the truth?
Witnesses are people invited to testify in a case. All what they need from a witnesses is their tongue. Your tongue is either life or death. A truth witness can remove you from the trouble while a false witness can complicate a man case.

When you witness falsely against someone it can cost you your rejoicing, witness truth and your soul would be saved.
Text: Proverb 14: 4-5
Lying is creating a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, an intentional untruth or a falsehood serving to convey a false impression.
Lying is a seed of the devil. When you lie once you keep on lying on a daily basis. When you present yourself of what you are not, it prevents people from helping you. Learn to open up to people whenever you have a challenge instead of lying.

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