When God was creating the world, He was commanding and everything was put in place but when it comes to creating man, He said “let us” He did not create man alone, for we are His priority. He cherish us. So therefore He made himself available for us every area. And also ready to help us in every of our needs.

Make god also your priority for His help is divine. Help is available everywhere for children of God since God is everywhere. When you make God your priority, help will spring forth from every area of our needs.

Without help, man is nothing. Even with your knowledge, someone has gotten it many years ago. All you need to triumph id help.

Know that help is not free. If you want help, three things are involved:

  1. You must be ready to help, whenever you find yourself, whatever position, whatever power use it to help someone.

Luke 5:1-10 – Peter had worked throughout the night, he was so tired and hopeless because he caught nothing but he didn’t say no to help Jesus to sit and teach. He was bless after that. He was instructed by a man that was not a fisherman, he obeyed and was blessed abundantly.

  1. You must be ready to obey and believe God:
  2. The biggest thing that can hinder God’s help in our life is SIN. Luke 5:8 Peter’s sin almost made him lose his inheritance with God.
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