The best way to live your life in year 2021 is to
1. Forget your past: Most people are unable to move on in their life because they are still stuck in their past. They think about the failure, trouble and tribulation of their past and by doing so they are unable to have a successful life. These worries start affecting them physically and in the spiritual realm because their heart is still stuck in the past.

Bible text: Proverb 37:5

2. Make the best of your resources today: Try to maximize your resources to the best of your ability.

3. Get excited for the future that you have not see: Do not see the evil but the good. Start foreseeing yourself doing or having all the good the good thing you want. Start praising God for what he has not done for your moreover the bible said there is nothing impossible for God to do. Because someone in your relation is having a bad year does not mean your year is going to be bad. Get rid of those negative thought and put on a coat of positivity.

Bible text: Jeremiah 1 Isiah 35:8

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